Crowning the Champ

This Mascot Madness prediction business can be rough—especially when you throw in the whole weird basketball part of it. But let’s not let ourselves be distracted by that. Focus is the name of the game this time around!

Here’s how it’s going to shake out. Guaranteed.

Final Four action

Despite losing points for an illustration of a bulldog face that more than slightly resembles John McCain when turned upside down, these Bulldogs will upset the men of Sparta just as they did the Orange before them. The Spartans come in over-confident with their cartoonish looks, fancy armor and weapons of war. The Spartans rally late thanks to some strong typography and their “State” nickname–which is cool– but ultimately come up short, humbled by a bunch of strays.

Elsewhere, the Blue Devils will prepare to take on the Mountaineers. We liked the Mountaineers WV logo early on, but the Blue Devils counter with a stylized letterform of their own. The Mountaineers sport a stronger color palette than the Blue Devils but the Blue Devils have the Lord of Darkness on their side—even though the depiction looks more like a maniacal Dr. Spock. It will be a hard fought battle, but in the end, the Blue Devils use their magic to outwit the Mountaineers.

Blue Devils take championship

In the final match up, we’ll see the Bulldogs and the Blue Devils go head to head. But even though the Bulldogs are tough and have the home turf, they’re still just a bunch of dogs and the Blue Devils have more tricks up their sleeves. Blue Devils win.

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