Social Media 104: Management and Measurement

Have you read Part I, Part II, and Part III of our social media series? If so, you are ready to launch your campaign and track its success. To take this last step, you will need tools that will keep your accounts organized, up to date, and consistent. Checking these metrics will help you map the success of your campaign and evaluate if your strategies are delivering results. Has your web traffic gone up? What types of content are generating the most responses? What platform is the least active? Tracking these numbers can help you address problems quickly and evolve your social media strategy based on the rates of response.

There are several platforms that enable you to manage multiple accounts, coordinate social media efforts, and monitor analytics reports. Here are the most popular ones:

Pros: TweetDeck has the best mobile application so you can update your social media accounts on the go. This is the most popular management platform because it the most intuitive to use for casual users (it includes an automatic link shortener.)
Cons: TweetDeck is an application that you need to download onto your desktop.Other management platforms can be accessed online. Although you can schedule tweets, you can’t manually type in the date and time, making it more of a headache to schedule tweets into the future.

Pros: Hootsuite allows you to easily schedule tweets or posts for the future. It caters towards use by a management team. Signing up for Hootsuite PRO allows a manager to delegate tasks to team members, create custom reports to share with certain team members, and manage your team members’ access to your social media accounts.
The interface focuses on live-streams of social media accounts, so it is best for actively-managed accounts, meaning it should be checked constantly throughout the day. Also, the mobile application isn’t as advanced as TweetDeck and not as user friendly.

Pros: CoTweet is uniquely built for the needs of businesses and larger brands. It helps marketers and customer support professionals manage their day-to-day social media conversations. CoTweet allows for engagement assignments and follow-ups to particular posts or tweets, making it valuable for a customer service focused agenda. Like Hootsuite, you can easily schedule posts and tweets for the future.
You are not able to sync up a Facebook account to CoTweet, and it is not as user friendly as TweetDeck or Hootsuite.

The management tools above have built in analytic reports, but you can also use good old-fashioned Google Analytics to track your results through traffic reports, user profiles (who is looking at your web content and from where), and the main sources of your web traffic.

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