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Elizabeth Amorose

Good at SEO. Bad at Marketing.

We had a client once insist on making the headline of his new web page four sentences long and jammed with keywords. Then he made us repeat that same copy in the very first paragraph of body text, which sat directly below the headline. He had done this on the company’s previous website and believed […]

SEO Tips and Trends – MozCon 2014

MozCon  is an annual conference for the search engine optimization (SEO) community organized by Moz, a Seattle-based SEO software company. Thinkso senior project manager Jess Mackta and I attended this year. Here is some of what we took away.   The Big Picture Rand Fishkin, Moz founder and star of their popular Whiteboard Fridays series, […]

Branding Since the Dotcom Burst

Our designer friend Christa Bianchi of Bianchi Design in Williamsburg, Brooklyn recently interviewed Thinkso partner Elizabeth Amorose for a post on her blog. When you think back to what you were designing in 2003, what trends/changes had real legs since then (in any market sector)? Let’s see. 2003 was when the Internet—the real Internet—came alive. […]

Leaning In

I just finished reading Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In and, along with eight thousand other bloggers and journalists, I’m going to put in my two cents. Required Reading This book is going to be the seminal book of our generation—the way The Feminine Mystique was for the last generation. It articulates the internal and external […]

A Little Birdie Told Me You Need Some Help with Twitter

                                  I don’t know about you, but my brain doesn’t have a lot of room for storing things like Twitter shorthand. If you feel the same, download our Tweet Sheet to your phone for quick reference: Pull up this […]

Getting Organized: A Meta Data Template for SEO

Confab Mashup: Tips for SEO, User Experience and Content Strategy

Confab is “the content strategy conference,” put on annually by Brain Traffic in Minneapolis. Their 2011 conference was a tough act to follow, but this year’s gathering did not disappoint. The following is a download of some of my takeaways.

Becoming Best of Show

  In the design world, quilting is often relegated to the same category as scrapbooking and rubber stamping. At best, it’s called “geekery.” But when I attended the American Quilter’s Society March show in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I was struck by how much quilting and graphic design have in common. I’ve been quilting since I was […]

Hey Startups. This is how design works

R.I.P. Business Cards?

My friend George sent me this article over the weekend. In it, the author sentences to death another of our world’s paper institutions: the business card. I say, not so fast. When sending the article, George, ever the artiste, bemoaned the potential loss of all his favorite printing tricks—mixed varnishes, metallic inks, die cuts, letterpress. […]

How Creativity Works’: It’s All In Your Imagination

Marketer’s Who Share are Marketer’s Who Care

Starbucks + Social Media = Big Brand Benefits

BOB. An animated adventure.

When you give a designer a mitten

Nature is awesome.

New York vs. Paris. These iconic comparisons just prove both are great.

Happy 5th birthday, Thinkso.

Thinkso hits 5 years and one of its founders looks back on its toddler years.

Storytelling with…cookie dough!

Behind the scenes on the set of Mad Men.