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Danielle Faletra

46 amazing photographs from 2012

Five Must-Have Apps for Your Smartphone

Mobile applications become bigger and better every single year, fueling start-ups to develop ideas that improve our lives. And as the line between our personal and professional lives become more and more blurred, apps have trended toward bringing efficiency to both simultaneously. Here are five applications that are must downloads in my book: Uber:       […]

Taking Google Analytics to the Next Level: Events, Goals and Campaigns

For anyone in charge of a website, usage data is power. Google Analytics will track site traffic over specific time periods, give you insight into where that traffic is coming from, and help you identify keywords that lead users to your site. But the real power of GA comes when you use its custom features […]

12 easy ways to prepare your morning coffee

An ocean inspired bookshelf made with nothing but paper

Eat Like A Bird: Treehouse Restaurant Keeps The Dining Atmosphere Elevated

Human Meets Animal: Embroidered Murals That Take 44 Hours

Ragnar Recap: Efficient Game Plan For Your Client Projects

On May 11th, I participated in the most challenging race since fourth grade field day. The Ragnar Relay Race on Cape Cod provided me with the bittersweet combination of excitement and enthusiasm blended with the type of fear that could make any tough guy cry. The race comprised 400 teams of 12, each team running […]

Typer Writers were cool before this, but holy wow!

Dancing + Harmony Tower in SouthKorea that will blow your mind

The Rubik Cube is officially tired of just being “a puzzle.” Mosaic Art is his calling!

That awkward moment, when your face hits a really strong force of wind

Spicing Up The Beats: Artist Hacks Sheet Music To Create Musical Portraits

18 Awesome NYC Metro Card Re-Designs

Picking Your Platform: Social Edition

I lived with one of my best friends my senior year of college who exposed me to many firsts, most of them Web 2.0 related. Referred to as “THE Internet” by our outer circle, he opened my eyes to the world we commonly refer to as social networking. He convinced me to join Twitter before […]

Hungry? There is a market for micro snacks

Gravity Stool: Takes building a chair to an entirely new level

Microbial Home Design by Philips Design. Systemic approach to domestic activity/minimizing waste

Branding From A Hipsters Perspective

Playing “GAMES” with Social Media

While increasing visibility and traditional media coverage is a nice perk, you’ll get much more from your social media efforts if you focus on using it as a tool to build brand advocates rather than as just another PR outlet. What’s the best way to do that? By providing something that your audience finds valuable. […]